Hygiene / Protective desk screens

DISINFECTANT GEL - Unlike ordinary disinfectants, our skin-friendly formulation prevents hands from drying out and leaves a pleasant citrus scent, thanks to high-quality essential oils and an exclusive skin-care ingredient. EFFECTIVE: With over 70% alcohol content, the disinfectant is effective against germs, viruses including enveloped viruses (99.99%), bacteria, fungi as well as mycobacteria. NURSING: Essential oils and an exclusive nourishing ingredient prevent the skin from drying out. The disinfectant gel supports moisturising and has a pleasant fragrance. APPLICATION: The disinfectant gel is suitable for hygienic cleaning of hands as well as surfaces. Fast-absorbing gel with minimal contact time of 30 - 60 seconds.  QUALITY: Hand disinfectant gel with high-quality ingredients. Swiss Made according to the guidelines of the WHO and the Federal Office of Public Health (BAG number CHZN5923). Confirmed quality by test reports and with over 500,000 bottles in circulation. CONTENTS: Ethanol 72%, water, thickening and moisturising agents, essential oils, excipients.
Klemme zum Anschrauben für Glasabtrennung / Spuckschutz
inox V2A, screwed on, 5 - 10 mm

Art. N° Finish Unit price  
01.60021.16 brushed CHF 49.15 / unit
Profil mit Clipblende SAIGONA für Festverglasung
aluminium, glass/wall, L = 6000 mm

Art. N° Finish Glass thickness Unit price  
61.46018.24 inox effect 12 mm CHF 51.15 / metre
61.46018.22 natural anodized EV1 12 mm CHF 34.50 / metre
61.46014.24 inox effect 10 mm CHF 51.15 / metre
61.46014.22 natural anodized EV1 10 mm CHF 37.95 / metre
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